2021 & 2022 Grant Programs:

Missional Emergency Micro-Grants for 2021 are exhausted.  More opportunities for these grants will be available begininng January 2022.  Micro-grants are to be used for communications and outreach, to enhance your social media, communications, and technology capabilities.  

Local Outreach Grants are awarded annually to congregations starting new outreach ministries, as well as those having existing community ministries which are evolving. The purpose of the money is to enable congregations to find specific ways to reach out to their community in hands-on service ministries with an emphasis on building relationships with those being served.

For 2022:  Complete the 2022 Local Church Grant Application  and submit the completed application by October 1, 2021.  Applications must be on-time and complete when submitted. The application links will be listed on this webpage.  A site-visitor from the Local Outreach Support Committee will contact each applying ministry to arrange a meeting. Site visits will take place during the month of October and may have the option to be 'virtual' or 'in-person'.  The Local Outreach Support Committee will meet to review all grant applications and award funding, and letters of awards will be sent following the November Board Meeting.

Please Note:  Look for a Spring grant opportunities coming soon in March 2022.  

For 2022:  The maximum funding amount is $5,000 per church per year. Look for grant applications for funds for 2022 to be released in the fall of 2021.  

For more information about the grant application process, please contact Karen Cook at kcook [at], or 614-844-6200 ext 10110.

You will find listings of all Funded Ministries for 2019 through 2021 to-date linked below.